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Aktiv luktdrepende spray (150ml)
Etterlater interiør rent og velduftende.
Brukes for behandling av ventilasjonssystemer, kjøretøyinteriør, fastmonterte ventilasjonssystemer og behandling av områder som krever høyt hygienenivå som feks. garderober, vaskerom, kontorer ol.


o Aktiv luktdrepende spray

o Behandler og renser ventilasjonssystmer og bilinteriør

o Passer også til bruk i områder som krever ekstra god hygiene 




RETECH, s.r.o. operates in the field of the production, sale and export of products for repairs and maintenance.

Our products have been tested and verified: we know that the quality is the most important of all. We offer products whose quality means higher productivity of our customers and time savings as well. All products are certified and in conformity with relevant regulations.

Our goal:
To provide services at top professional level and quality in order to establish a reliable and safe background support for our customers - to fulfil the attributes of PROFESSIONAL QUALITY. We try to please customers in broadest range of needs within maintenance and repair work (greasing, gluing, cleaning, sealing, releasing, protective coat, etc.).

ISO 9001:2015 approved