Slugger 81000

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380 90 200

Heavy duty slide hammer:

Slugger. Den orginale slaghammer.
o Leveres med tavle for veggmontering
o 5 kg´s slaghammer
o 7 forskjellige uttrekkskroker

o 10 lb. slide weight designed for in-line impact. Balanced for continued use without fatigue.
o Special hand-fit weight for ease of work.
o The most complete set available! 10 of the latest and most modern engineered body pulling and pushing attachments. Consists of 16 different parts.
o Dual hammer action for reverse or direct reconstruction blows.
o Quick assembly for applied hook-ups on fender edges, bumper ends, rocker panels, aligning doors and door edges, hoods and hood hinges, trunk and trunk hinges, headlights and many more applications.
o Rubberized hand-hold for good grip and safety.
o All parts easily stored on permanent board.
o Supplied with exclusive lock nut to keep attachments from rotating.